Having a hot car can be frustrating, and having people easily see in your windows is a privacy concern.

At Visual Pro Detailing, we provide ceramic window tint applications that keep peoples vehicles cooler, give them more privacy, and provide that dark look people love.


Southern Illinois Window tinting

  • Hand cut film, no machine plotter used.

  • Ceramic films block 86%+ of heat coming through windows, standard professional grade film also available.

  • All installations and products guaranteed.

  • Advanced micro edging offered on all ceramic tint installs. This means NO GAPS on the top of the glass edge.


Window tint options

Front matching tint - Let us match your front windows to your rear factory tint. we can do exact match, or illinois legal.

Full wraps - full vehicle tint except front windshield. Includes all side glass and rear window glass.

6 inch brow & front windshield. brows available in any percentage desired, front windshields in 50% or 70%

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