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14465 State Highway 14, Benton IL

(618) 983-9706 or mark@visualprodetailing.com

The Southern Illinois Ceramic Coating Leader

Not your average detailer. Not your average detail.

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ceramic coating in southern illinois

Ceramic Coatings

No waxing, ease of cleaning, UV protection, and a freshly detailed look after a simple wash.

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Paint Correction

Remove swirl marks, scratches, hazing, and restore a showroom finish. Not a "quick buff".

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Detail Packages

Clean, smooth, and well protected exterior combined with a clean, fresh interior. You will love it.

About Visual Pro Detailing

When you are looking for a detailer, what matters most to you? You could benefit from using our services greatly if:

  • You want to be treated like a human being, and deal with someone who follows the Golden Rule.

  • You are looking for something beyond the basic "cleaning" most detail shops provide.

  • You want long term protection, and understand it is an investment in your vehicle value and appearance.

  • You want someone with extensive experience and knowledge working on your car, not an inexperienced employee.

Thousands of details completed, hundreds of paint corrections and ceramic coatings, years of dedication and experience.

We serve all of Southern Illinois with high end auto detailing services, including Benton, Marion, Herrin, Johnston City, Carbondale, Carterville, and beyond.

Not your average detailer. Not your average detail.

-Mark Barger, Owner and Professional Detailer