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We have 24/7 surveillance and recording on premises inside and out of our shop for your vehicles safety.


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Ceramic Coatings

Professional Grade Protection for your vehicle. Wax lasts weeks or months, coatings last years.

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Paint Correction

Paint Restoration services to restore the like new appearance of your paint. Swirl mark removal.

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Detail Packages

Not your average detail packages. More time spent, better quality, more attention to detail.

About Visual Pro Detailing

Not sure about spending all this money on a ceramic coating?


Ask about our entry level coatings.

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Who wants an average detail?

No one would go to a restaurant and order an average burger or steak.

We offer you detailing services for car owners who really care about their vehicles, and are willing to look for the best results.

We provide professional grade services that cannot be had in your own driveway or through a dealership detailing service.

Paint correction, making your paint look new again.

Ceramic coatings, ones that last and keep your car looking amazing.

Detailing packages that are more thorough, more in depth, and give you a lasting result.

If you are reading this right now, you are looking for a service like Visual Pro Detailing.

Message us through Facebook, call, or fill out the online form above. We want to hear from you, we want to serve you.

If nothing else, click on our social media links and see our work and YouTube channel. Seeing is believing.

Thousands of details completed, hundreds of paint corrections and ceramic coatings, years of dedication and experience.

We serve all of Southern Illinois with high end auto detailing services, including Benton, Marion, Herrin, Johnston City, Carbondale, Carterville, and beyond.

Not your average detailer. Not your average detail.

-Mark Barger, Owner and Professional Detailer

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