Why Ceramic Coat?

Ceramic Coatings create a fine layer of nano glass like particles that extend the life of your paintwork, create a water repellent surface, making your paint more resistant to UV damage, chemicals, graffiti, and extreme heat and cold.

It is like an invisible, thin layer of armor for your vehicle.

  • Ease of maintenance - cleaning a ceramic coated vehicle is faster, easier, and saves you time.

  • Protect your vehicle - against fading, oxidation, and UV damage.

  • Lasts significantly longer than any wax or sealant. These products last months at the most, whereas properly maintained ceramic coatings last years.

  • Your vehicle stays cleaner, longer - Ceramic coatings create a barrier between your vehicle and the elements, making dirt, grime, and contaminants bond less to your vehicle than without a coating.

  • With proper washing technique, you will notice a drastically reduced amount of wash induced micro marring in the paint, which often is seen as spider webs or swirl marks when looking at the vehicle in direct sunlight.

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Pro Elite Coating Package
Starting at $1495

Full Exterior Ceramic Protection

Multi-step cleaning and decontamination, one full stage of paint correction, and our top shelf professional grade ceramic coatings applied to paint, trim, wheels and glass.

Includes 5 year craftsmanship and durability warranty, which can be extended to limited lifetime with yearly maintenance package.

Our best, and best selling ceramic package.



Elite Paint Coating
Starting at $895


Paint Only Ceramic
Our Pro Elite Ceramic on painted surfaces only, includes multi-step cleaning and decontamination, one step of paint correction, and our professional grade ceramic coating.
Includes 5 year warranty for craftsmanship and durability, which can be extended to limited lifetime with yearly maintenance package.




Entry Level Coating
Starting at $495


Glass Coatings

Our clients love our 1-2 year nano glass coating. This ultra durable ceramic protection increases visibility, is extremely hydrophobic, and makes removing bugs and other debris a breeze.


Wheel Coatings

We provide intense wheel protection against brake dust, UV fading of colored wheels, and ease of cleaning abilities. Optional "wheels off" coating for some vehicles to coat barrels.

Interior Protection

Carpets, upholstered seats, leather, plastic, vinyl, cloth seats. You name it, we have a high quality and durable protective coating for it. UV protection, ease of cleaning, wear resistance.

Budget friendly, amazing quality
Our entry level ceramic paint coating provides excellent gloss, ease of cleaning, and UV protection. Includes multi-step wash and decontamination, light enhancement polish, and coating applied to all painted surfaces.
Estimated durability: 12-24 months with proper care.



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