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gtechniq certified ceramic coatings
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Pro Elite Ceramic Package

For those only wanting the VERY BEST. This is a complete vehicle coating package with our absolute top tier coating offering. Scroll DOWN for details.

Paint Coating Options

Our Elite coating(lifetime), 5 Year Premium, and Entry Level 1-2 year coating. Any coating includes exterior detail plus one step of paint polishing.

Pro Enhancement + Ceramic Package

Our popular one step enhancement polish plus entry level coating package. This is a very budget minded service that yields outstanding gloss and protection.

Glass Coatings

Our clients love our 1-2 year nano glass coating. This ultra durable ceramic protection increases visibility, is extremely hydrophobic, and makes removing bugs and other debris a breeze.

Wheel Coatings

We provide intense wheel protection against brake dust, UV fading of colored wheels, and ease of cleaning abilities. Optional "wheels off" coating for some vehicles to coat barrels.

Interior Protection

Carpets, upholstered seats, leather, plastic, vinyl, cloth seats. You name it, we have a high quality and durable protective coating for it. UV protection, ease of cleaning, wear resistance.

Fill out the form below for a ceramic coating estimate for your specific vehicle, needs, budget, and use.
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Why you should ceramic coat your vehicle

  1. Protect your expensive paint. Your paintwork is the most expensive single component on your vehicle. 

  2. Make cleaning easy, safer, and faster. Ceramic coatings make washing simple, fun, and fast.

  3. Keep the gloss. You paid all that money for the that vehicle, ceramic coated vehicles stay shiny longer.

  4. Cut down on costs by not paying for waxes to be applied that only lasts weeks anyway.

  5. Prevent long term UV fading with a coating. Coatings provide excellent UV protection.

  6. Increase the RESALE value of your vehicle by preserving its aesthetic appearance long term.

Caution: Wall of text. If you want to read up before calling and scheduling, please continue to read below, and give your eyes a break once in a while!

Ceramic Coating Questions & Answers


What are some of the benefits of a ceramic coating?

  • No need to wax or seal the vehicle for the life of the coating. Ceramic coatings create a barrier that is significantly harder, more chemical resistant, and longer lasting than any wax or sealant. Adding any products “on top” of a coating other than maintenance products sold by the coating manufacturer can impede a coatings protective abilities.

  • Reduce the amount of cleaning needed, makes cleaning the vehicle easier. Dirt releases easier, faster, and the resulting effect is much less time and effort needed to make your vehicle look like it has been freshly detailed.

  • Marring resistance. While NOTHING is “scratch proof” some professional grade coatings do make the surface harder than original clear coat, thus greatly reducing the amount of swirl marks accumulated over time vs. a non-ceramic coated vehicle with proper washing and drying techniques.

  • Excellent gloss and aesthetic appeal. Clients have told us that even years after having their vehicle ceramic coated, they still get compliments about the car having a “just detailed look” after a simple wash.

  • UV and chemical protection.Ceramic coatings provide protection against harmful UV rays and chemicals far beyond any wax or sealant. Most professional grade coatings are very chemical resistant and can only be damaged or removed by extremely high or low PH products.


What are some of the downsides of a ceramic coating?

  • Up front cost. While a coating may provide many benefits, the upfront cost is prohibitive to some. However, when calculating a prospective clients time, energy, product expense, or the cost of having a detailer wax or seal a vehicle 2-4x per year, the cost of a ceramic coating can be significantly less over the life of a vehicle.

  • Ceramic Coatings, like any other surface on a car, are susceptible to water spotting from hard minerals from many water sources. Only washing the vehicle in the shade, early mornings, or late in the evenings in hot climates helps. Using good quality microfiber towels, a leaf blower or air compressor to help dry the vehicle quickly can help as well. Water spotting can be removed safely from most coatings but are not covered under any known coating warranty or guarantee as they are preventable.

  • Ceramic coatings can still be scratched and chipped. While some coatings do provide a measurable degree of hardness vs. factory clear coat, no coating is scratch or chip proof. This is a common misconception that is regularly spread by many dealerships and even some detailers looking to make a quick sale.


How do I take care of a ceramic coating after it is applied?

This simplest answer to this question is to wash it, then dry it completely, and take it to your detailer as needed for decontamination or maintenance. Maintenance from a detailer may consistent of high PH washing to deep clean the coating, chemical decontamination with iron removal chemicals, clay bar treatment, maintenance products meant to reinvigorate or increase slickness, or even spot polishing and recoating of small sections in case of damage. Ask your detailer if he or she provides maintenance services prior to having them apply a coating for you.


What if I get into a car accident? Will insurance cover the cost of having the coating re-applied?

In our years of experience dealing with these situations we have found that with full coverage insurance the cost of coating re-application is covered under most policies. Make sure to inform your detailer as soon as possible after an accident occur so he or she can provide an estimate for re-coating the damaged sections of vehicle so that you can submit the information to your insurance company.


What does the guarantee or warranty from the coating company cover?

Most ceramic coating company guarantees or warranties cover re-application of the product if there is premature failure. It is best to get the details of what is needed to maintain your warranty from your detailer prior to coating application, as most companies’ warranties vary slightly.


My car is brand new. Will I still need to have the paint clayed and polished prior to coating application?

Yes. Any quality detailer will see these steps as the foundation necessary for a quality ceramic coating application. Any detailer or dealership that does not follow these steps prior to applying a ceramic coating are likely improperly applying the coating. Even for a brand-new vehicle “off the truck” thorough wash, clay bar treatment, and light polishing are the absolute minimum before coating application. Often times much more polishing and compounding is needed even on a brand-new vehicle to make sure the surface is as flawless as possible before the ceramic coating is applied.


There is a huge variance in pricing from one detailer to the next, or even from the dealership on the cost of a ceramic coating. What gives?

Many factors affect the pricing of a ceramic coating, including but not limited to:

  • The experience, knowledge, and skills of the detailer applying the coating.

  • The type of coating being applied, all products are different.

  • The level of preparation needed prior to applying the coating. Some dealerships or detailers will skip steps altogether in order to offer a lower price.

  • The size, color, and manufacturer of the vehicle can also affect pricing. Some vehicles have much softer clear coats that are harder to prepare for coating application than others.


At Visual Pro Detailing, we pride ourselves on transparency, openness, and education. At any time should you have questions prior to, or after ceramic coating application, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us:

Call or text (618) 983-9706,or email mark@visualprodetailing.com

Please view our blog post:


How much does a ceramic coating cost?

All Ceramic Coatings require a non refundable $200 deposit when scheduling.


Having the coating applied to my last car, driving my new baby in the rain seemed different for some reason. Then it hit me that I didn't have the coating. With the ceramic coating, water just beads up and flies away as you're driving down the road, which makes driving in bad weather safer. Insects come off easier than ever before. Additionally, it keeps your car looking new all year round. If you're on the fence about whether you want to make the investment, do it. You won't regret it. - Caleb, from Johnston City, IL. 2016 Honda Civic Touring

- Caleb, from Johnston City, IL. 2016 Honda Civic Touring

Mark did an amazing job on my car. I sure wish i would of known about his detailing service before now. My car is almost 5 years old and it looks like i just pulled it off the lot when i bought it. Thank you!!!!!!!(Received Gtechniq EXO Coating and one step paint correction)

I have taken three cars to Visual Pro Detailing / Mark Barger in Johnston City, IL within the last month. Mark is a perfectionist - just the kind of guy you want in his line of work! He is patient in taking time to explain everything, he is professional in his craft and his demeanor, and best of all the results are AMAZING!Appearance- great! Protection - superb! I really could not be happier with Mark's service and actually, just Mark! A pleasure to deal with to be sure, and such a professional. I was referred to Mark by a friend, and learned some also by visiting www.visualprodetailing.com and also checking out his Facebook page. If you are in the market for something like this, I am positive Mark will not disappoint. Oh, and he does 100% of the work on your vehicle, personally.

- Kerry, Harrisburg, IL. 2004 Porsche Boxster, Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon

- Carol, from Johnston City, 2012 Chevy Camaro

Mark just completed my 2014 Shelby GT500 in which I am very picky about. Mark is a true professional in his craft going above and beyond my expectations. I am completely satisfied and recommend Marks services to anyone. You wont be disappointed!

Ryan from Western Illinois, after receiving Crystal Serum Professional on his Shelby GT500

Mark did a wonderful job restoring our C63 Amg Mercedes that's paint had been damage to what looked like no repair, he also stayed in touch with us the whole time sending us updates about the car. We got the 7 year coat, and it is just so spectacular looking. I would recommend Mark's work to all people looking to protect their car.

Mark took our 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD from looking like a 15 YO truck to near showroom quality, just like the day I drove it out of the dealership's garage.

More important than that for me, though, is Mark's top-notch professionalism, superb communication, and unmatched attention to detail. He's proven himself to be an old-fashioned, do-what-you-say, businessman who takes good care of his customers. We'll definitely have him coat 2 more vehicles!

Jason, from Southern Illinois, after receiving Crystal Serum Professional on his Chevy 2500 HD

Matthew from Du Quoin, after receiving Crystal Serum Professional on his AMG Mercedes