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The paint correction specialists of Southern Illinois. Call (618) 983-9706 to schedule an in-person inspection and quote for your vehicle

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Gloss Enhancement

A single stage polishing step meant to restore gloss, clarity, and remove light swirl marks. An affordable entry level service that yields great improvement.




Single Stage Correction

A full step of paint correction designed to remove as many swirl marks, surface scratches, scuffs, and defects as possible while still leaving a deep gloss finish.



Two Step Correction

Recommended for best results. A full compounding step to remove 90%+ of defects followed by a full polishing step for a mirror like finish. Stunning results.



Call (618) 983-9706 or fill out the estimate form below for a free consultation and pricing.

Do I need paint correction?

Swirl mark removal, surface scratch removal, gloss enhancement, and restoration of the "show room new" look.

Making your paint look like new is a time consuming, professional process.

We prefer to do an in-person inspection prior to scheduling a paint correction appointment, but can give you a good idea of needs and pricing with pictures sent via e-mail or text message.

Here is a break down of different types of paint correction, and what to expect from them:

1. Gloss enhancement polish - A quick, budget friendly way to amp up the look of your paintwork and make it glossy and shiny again. This process will improve the look of your vehicle, restore faded, dull looking paint, and may remove mild to moderate swirl marks. T

2. One step correction - We try to remove as many defects as possible in a single step while still "finishing" the paint to a high gloss. This process is designed to bring maximum results without a multi-day process.

3. Two step correction - For badly swirled or neglected paint. We compound to remove a majority of the defects then do a dedicated polishing step to finish down the paint. This can easily remove 95%+ of defects in paint restoring a showroom finish., give

Please note: ALL paint correction services include our multi-step wash process, decontamination(to make the paint smooth and clean), and a 6 month sealant far superior to any wax. Ceramic coatings can be added with a simple price addition. For ceramic coatings beyond entry level, we may require a one or two step process if applying a professional grade coating.

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Gloss Enhancement

Wash, clay, one step of paint polishing to create excellent gloss and improve reflections. 6 month sealant included.



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1 or 2 Step Corection

In depth paint correction to remove 80% - 90% of swirl, scratches, and defects. Brings your paint to "like new" level.


By Quote

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We remove every single scratch, swirl, and defect possible. Not available on all vehicle, in person inspection and quote required.


By Quote

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