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Swirl mark removal, surface scratch removal, gloss enhancement, and restoration of the "show room new" look.

Making your paint look like new is a time consuming, professional process.

We prefer to do an in-person inspection prior to scheduling a paint correction appointment, but can give you a good idea of needs and pricing with pictures sent via e-mail or text message.

Please note: ALL paint correction services include our ridiculous wash process, decontamination(to make the paint smooth and clean), and a 6 month sealant far superior to any wax. Ceramic coatings can be added with a simple price addition. Gtechniq guaranteed ceramic coatings, may require a two step process to get the paint to a high enough level for application.

Gloss Enhancement

Wash, clay, one step of paint correction to create excellent gloss and improve reflections. 6 month sealant included.



Two Step Correction

In depth paint correction to remove 90%+ of swirl, scratches, and defects. Brings your paint to "like new" level.


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We remove every single scratch, swirl, and defect possible. Not available on all vehicle, in person inspection and quote required.


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