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Southern Illinois Window Tinting - What is Ceramic Window Tint?

What is ceramic tint?

Why should I pay more for it?

What are the benefits over less expensive dyed tint?

Southern Illinois Window Tinting

These are great questions!

When we decided to launch our window tinting services, one of our primary focuses was finding a way to separate ourselves from the market by providing a service and product we thought was genuinely better than what currently existed.

Our search found Ceramic Window Tint products to be very under represented for the value they bring to those that have it applied, so we opted to exclusively offer high grade professional only ceramic tint rather than less expensive dyed films.

Why, how is ceramic tint better?

  1. Ceramic tint adds functionality, not just looks. Southern Illinois has several different options to have tint installed, we opted for ceramic tint because unlike dyed films it has benefits beyond simply making the car look better, and making the sun less bright from the inside of the vehicle.

  2. Ceramic tint rejects infrared rays. What on earth that does mean? Infrared rays create heat! Unlike dyed films, our ceramic tint offers 60%+ heat rejection, meaning your car actually stays cooler as a result of the films.

  3. Ceramic tint does not discolor. Dyed films can discolor and fade within a couple of years of application. Ceramic tint does not discolor or fade.

  4. You can go lighter, and get the same results. Illinois has rather... complicated tint laws. With our ceramic tint you can stay legal and still get the UV blocking, heat rejection, and increased aesthetic appeal on your vehicle while still staying legal. With ceramic tint, you can have lighter tint but still get all of the benefits of tint.

Ok, you've got me somewhat sold, so what is the cost?

One reality of ceramic tint is that the cost of the product is around 10x the cost of dyed film. We are not afraid of that cost, we got into this service because we wanted to offer a better end result, not necessarily a cheaper overall price.

Front matching film starts at $195 as of the writing of this article, full wraps (full vehicle except from windshield) start at $395.

Yes, it is more expensive than dyed film. We feel the benefits far outweigh the slight increase in cost, and with us you know you are dealing with a business that also operates by the Golden Rule, which gives you peace of mind.

Ready to schedule?

Give us a call at (618) 983-9706 to get on the tint schedule, our tint schedule is separate than our detailing schedule, which means we can get you in faster.

You can also visit our full website at www.visualprodetailing.com

Not your average detailer(and window tinter), not your average detail.

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