• Mark Barger

Looking for paint correction? 4 simple aspects to consider.

Paint correction is a time consuming, meticulous process.

Making paint looks shiny, much less like a mirror, takes many hours and years of practice and experience.

A lot of people have purchased a "quick buff" over the years, only to find out that the process caused more damage than it fixed.

If you are wanting your paint corrected, swirls removed, gloss restored, ect. please consider the following:

1. Most body shops, dealership detailers have no idea how to "finish down" paint to a high gloss, mirror like finish. It is simply not what they do.

2. Anyone offering to "buff" your car, saying it will only take an hour or two is likely cutting corners, and will be cutting up your paint. A bad "buff" from an inexperienced person behind a polisher can cause permanent damage to your paint!

3. There are levels of paint correction that need to be considered. Sometimes, even often times it is best to NOT chase every single swirl, scratch, and defect in the paint. Your clear coat is EXTREMELY thin, and often times making a huge improvement is better for your paint than chasing perfection and compromising your very expensive paint.

4. Find a detailer that is willing to discuss YOUR needs, budget, and desired end results. I don't believe that every vehicle is a one size fits all solution, and everyone has a different idea of what "perfection" means to them.

If you are looking for a paint correction, ceramic coating, or detail quote, give us a call at (618) 983-9706, or fill out our online quote form at www.visualprodetailing.com, we would love to discuss options, and the needs of your specific vehicle.

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