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My name is Mark Barger, I am the owner and operator at Visual Pro Detailing.

I live in Benton, IL with my wonderful wife Shannon, son Braden, and daughter Aleah.

Detailing cleaning, perfecting, and protecting vehicles is simply what I do. For many years my obsession has been not only perfecting my craft, but treating my clients by the Golden Rule.

Your car is in great hands with me. I have detailed, corrected the paint of, and ceramic coated thousands of vehicles, from brand new sports cars to massive pickup trucks, boats, motorcycles, and RV's.

Part of my experience in the detailing industry includes mentoring other up and coming detailers, spreading the message of integrity in the industry, and blogging an educational page to help other detailers get started and be successful in the industry.


I have spoke at large industry events, facilitated training seminars for other detailers, and created hundreds of live and per-recorded videos for detailers and consumers alike to understand the how detailing services and processes can benefit them.

Not your average detailer.

Not your average detail.

Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

This Challenger Hellcat came to us wanting light paint correction and ceramic coating. As a non daily driver, we opted to go with Gtechniq EXO coating, along with C5 Wheel Armour. This picture is as it arrived at a shop we were able to work in for this appointment.

Nightmare truck - 2018 F-150

This one was a real challenge. The Dealership decided to add the "dealer installed swirl mark option" on this brand new F-150. Two steps of paint correction and Crystal Serum Ultra later, it looks the way it should.

2018 Ford Explored, corrected and coated

Another tough job. Did I mention we do a lot of black? This Explorer came in for Gtechniq EXO, and we needed to do two full steps of paint correction to achieve the desired finish.

Jeep Wrangler correction + Coating

This Jeep came to us for swirl mark removal, and to have ALL surfaces ceramic coated. We have coatings that will bond to each unique substrate, giving the best results possible.