• Mark Barger

Why Choose a Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

Well, can you spell it out for me?

Sure thing!

Our best description of Gtechniq professional ceramic coatings are that they are crafted for the long term owner and true car enthusiast.

For a show car, weekend warrior, or daily driven vehicle owned by a true car enthusiast that will regularly hand wash and dry their vehicle using Gtechniq's easy to use line of maintenance products, a Gtechniq coating will be right for you.

Crystal Serum Ultra is a fantastic durable professional grade ceramic coating backed by a 9 year guarantee with yearly maintenance appointments and inspections.

Topped with Gtechniq EXO V4 ultra hydrophobic top coating, this dynamic duo gives a 1-2 punch that is hard to rival among coating brands.

Why our clients love their Gtechniq coatings:

  1. Incredibly warm gloss and slickness to the touch.

  2. Excellent durability and chemical resistance.

  3. One of the top industry guarantees.

  4. Installers you can trust. Gtechniq Accredited detailers are some of the most highly vetted, rigorously filtered ceramic coating installers in the world. If someone has a Gtechniq Accredited sign on the wall, they are an expert you can trust.

How do I schedule my vehicle for a Gtechniq coating?

Call (618) 983-9706

Visit www.visualprodetailing.com

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