• Mark Barger

What are the differences in paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing the following defects completely or as much as can be done safely to preserve the integrity of the very thin clear coat. Here are some of the defects that may be removed during paint correction, and below that are how our services break down to help remove these defects.

Swirl marks, which are round spider web like shallow scratches in your paint.

Deep scratches, where there is an infraction in the paint that has went deeper into the clear coat, but not all the way through it.

Holograms, from an inexperienced individual using a machine polisher with poor technique. The paint will seem to "shimmer" as you change your perspective on it.

Marring or scuffing, from something abrading the paint and leaving random marks in it.

Water spotting, bug etchings, and bird dropping etchings. These defects cannot always be completely removed, but can often be drastically improved.

Here is how we break down how our services address these defects:

1. Gloss enhancement polish. A quick, budget friendly way to amp up the look of your paintwork and make it glossy and shiny again.

Paint correction is the process of "buffing" the vehicle with a machine polisher to remove defects. These defects may include:

2. One step correction. We try to remove as many defects as possible in a single step while still "finishing" the paint to a high gloss. Still budget friendly, but can also be time consuming on large vehicles.

3. Two step correction. For badly swirled or neglected paint. We compound to remove a majority of the defects then do a dedicated polishing step to finish down the paint. This can easily remove 90%+ of defects in paint.

4. Multi step correction. Here we go for removing as many defects as possible. This service is NOT recommended for most vehicles as it will take a lot of your very thin clear coat off to achieve. Unless you have a show car we don't feel like this is a great value for the the amount of clear coat lost in order to achieve a "near perfect" finish.

Please note: ALL paint correction services include our ridiculous wash process, decontamination(to make the paint smooth and clean), and a 6 month sealant far superior to any wax. Ceramic coatings can be added with a simple price addition. Gtechniq guaranteed ceramic coatings, may require a two step process to get the paint to a high enough level for application.

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