• Mark Barger

Dodge Challenger Redeye Edition - Pro Elite Ceramic Coating

Who's ready to eat the road?

This Challenger Redeye came to us after being purchased by one of our clients.

Even though it was in beautiful shape, it had been previously ceramic coated and either had a poor prep and install, or was poorly maintained by the previous owner.

We opted to polish and remove all of the previous ceramic coating with the paint correction process, and re-apply substrate specific ceramic coating products to the wheels, trim, paint protection film, and painted surfaces.

We opted for Gyeon Mohs+ on painted surfaces to intensify the flat black paint and give it a hard candy gloss that would last for years.

We had the car for 3 full days and through our process were able to bring the paint to near perfect status, protect it properly with professional grade ceramics, and give it the "finished" look our client was wanting on his investment.

Are you looking to have your vehicle protected?

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