• Mark Barger

2018 Chevy Silverado Restoration Story

This particular truck was a very difficult and time consuming job. Unfortunate as it is to say, it was improperly coated by another detailer and the owner was very unhappy with the results.

We decided that the best route to get the owner the results she wanted was to start from a clean slate. We washed, clayed, and removed the paint protection film that had been poorly installed as well. We then machine polished the old coating that was not performing well, used Gtechniq Panel Wipe to deep clean the surface after the machine polishing process was complete, and applied Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra for long term protection that would give our client the results she wanted.

Jobs like this are difficult for detailers to talk about as we want to maintain the integrity of our professional, but to be transparent with our audience we do want you to know that mistakes happens, and at times detailers without the proper skill levels will apply ceramic coatings that do not perform up to expectations.

This is also why we pride ourselves on creating educational content that will let the vehicle owner know exactly what a ceramic coating will and will NOT do once applied. We want our clients to have a 100% transparent knowledge base before purchasing our services, and know exactly how our products will perform after installation.

If you have ANY questions about ceramic coatings, paint correction, and how your vehicle can benefit from our services, please call, text, or e-mail us. We are not your average detailer, and we do not provide an average detail.

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-Mark Barger

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