• Mark Barger

Honda Pilot gets Crystal Serum Ultra Ceramic Coating

Is Crystal Serum Ultra right for you? There are choices in Southern Illinois for ceramic coatings, and we want to make sure that you know all of your options before purchasing.

Crystal Serum Ultra benefits:

1. No need to wax or seal for the life of the coating.

2. 10H(pencil hardness) marring resistance.

3. Resistant to bird droppings, bug etchings.

4. High chemical resistance.

5. Extreme gloss and slickness.

6. 9 year guarantee when brought in yearly for wash and inspection(and decontamination, if needed) of the coating.

Prices for Crystal Serum Ultra start at $999 and go up depending on vehicle size, condition, and amount of paint correction needed prior to coating application.

-Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing

1518 Davis Ave Johnston City, IL 62951

(618) 983-9706


Not your average detailer, not your average detail.

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