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M3 Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction near Carterville, Illinois

This beautiful M3 came to us for a 2 step paint correction and Crystal Serum Lite Black ceramic coating from Gtechniq. Total time spent on this appointment: 20 hours.

This car will be so easy to clean and maintain it will be ridiculous.

These coatings have a lot of benefits, but the greatest benefit to our clients is that the coating simply makes the car tremendously easier to take care of and maintain appearance wise.

Interested in the process? Please read below the video!

Included in this package we:

Thoroughly washed the vehicle.

Clay barred it to remove surface contaminants and create a smooth, squeaky clean surface.

Compounded the surface to remove swirl marks and deeper scratches.

Polished the surface to remove any micro marring left over from the compounding step, and to create an extremely high gloss finish.

Prepared all surfaces for coating by applying Gtechniq Panel Wipe on all surfaces to remove all polishing oils and create a surgically clean surface for the coating to adhere to.

Applied Crystal Serum Lite (5 Year Guarantee) to paint and trim.

Applied Gtechniq EXO 2 year coatings to paint and trim to increase the hydrophobic abilities.

Applied C5 Wheel Armour to the wheels to make them easier to clean and maintain.

Applied G1 Glass Coating to all glass surfaces to create super hydrophobic glass surfaces.

-Mark Barger

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Southern Illinois Ceramic Coating Specialist

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