• Mark Barger

Ceramic Coated Exhaust Tips - Extreme Ease of Cleaning

Everyone with a nice car and a shiny exhaust tip knows how hard it can be to remove the carbon build up and keep it looking shiny.

The exhaust tips in the video were coated around 6 months from the taking of this video with Crystal Serum, and all it took was a simple wipe to remove all of the caked on sediment.

This is an excellent example of how easy cleaning a ceramic coated vehicle is, from the front of the bumper all the way to the exhaust tips, it simply makes car ownership better, faster, and more convenient.

Normally with an exhaust tip it takes metal polish at the minimum, and steel wool many times to completely remove the excess carbon build up.

-Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing


1518 Davis Ave, Johnston City, IL

(618) 983-9706

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