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Auto Detailers in Southern Illinois - Who should I use? 3 tips for finding the best detailer.

When looking for a professional auto detailer in Southern Illinois, who would be the best?

I would like to give some generalized advice for anyone in this situation, without beating the drum of bias as much as possible, given I am one of these detailers.

1. Find someone you trust. Does this individual have proof of their work? Do they have good reviews? Do they respond promptly (within reason) to your inquiries?

All of these questions are very important when finding someone you can completely trust to detail your car. How the detailer treats your as an individual will often translate to how they treat your car.

2. Cheaper is NOT always better. Yes, one detailer may provide a "full detail" for $150, and another may charge $300 for a "Premium Detail", but that does not mean you are getting the same level of service!

For instance my Premium packages take 5-7 hours, whereas several local competitors are done with the care in 1-3 hours. How much time do you want spent on your car?

3. Are they insured, accredited, and experienced? One of the downsides of the detailing industry is that there is a very "low" price of entry to call yourself a detailer, when in reality it takes years to develop the skills needed to do top quality work.

While many detailers can often do "good" work with very little, top tier detailers will be spending more time, using better quality products, and truly focusing down on their work to provide the best result. You will get a "feel" from these detailers very quickly whether they have the type of experience needed to get the result that you are looking for.

Have questions? Feel free to contact me, (618) 983-9706. I would love to answer any questions you may have, even if you end up not choosing me to provide your detail work.

-Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing

1518 Davis Ave, Johnston City, IL


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