• Mark Barger

Dodge Hellcat Ceramic Coating - Southern Illinois Ceramic Coatings

This was a fun one!

At Visual Pro Detailing we always try to match the needs of the client with the service provided. While it would have been great to offer our top tier coating, Crystal Serum Ultra, this car simply did not need it.

Why? Because it's a garage queen! It mostly sits and waits in silence to eat the streets when needed, so instead of going "all out" we decided to do a single step of paint correction and apply our 2 year coating option, Gtechniq EXO V4 instead.

The results were stunning. The polishing removed light swirl marks and imperfections, and the coating gave the car incredible gloss and reflections.

One of our core values is the golden rule. Always treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. In doing this, we never oversell (or undersell) our services. We always do our absolute best to match the needs of your vehicle to our specific offerings.

See for yourself below, it looks amazing!


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