• Mark Barger

Exotic Car Detailing in Southern Illinois | Ceramic Coatings

The owner of this vehicle came to be for several reasons, wanting paint correction and ceramic coating for this beautiful Dodge Viper ACR.

Some of the things he was concerned about included:

The time it took to clean and maintain the car. He was spending a large amount of time just doing maintenance cleaning. We decided that a ceramic coating would significantly cut down on the maintenance cleaning needs of the vehicle, as well as give him the ability to throw the wax away for good.

Another concern was the swirl marks that were present in the vehicle since he had purchase it. Since Chrysler products generally have very hard clear cut, we opted for a 2 step paint correction process including a heavy cutting step then a lighter polishing step to remove as many of the defects within reason without compromising the depth and safety of the clear coat.

We decided since he was planning on owning the vehicle for a long time that a more durable coating would be in order, so we applied Professional Grade Crystal Serum ULTRA to the vehicle, C5 Wheel Armour on the wheels, and G1 Glass Coating on all of the glass surfaces. This provided a "full exterior protection" package that covered the entire surface of the vehicle.

The results were outrageous! Not only did we provide long lasting protection, we also restored the gloss and beauty of this amazing vehicle. Watch the video below the text line!

Ready to get some paint correction and possibly a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle?

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Thank you for watching/reading!

-Mark Barger, Owner, Visual Pro Detailing

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