• Mark Barger

Introducing: Crystal Serum Ultra

Ok, here we go again!

Gtechniq has updated it's flagship coating Crystal Serum Professional with the new Crystal Serum Ultra. Some of the differences include:

1. Guarantee is now 9 years, formerly 7 years.

2. Yearly maintenance wash and inspection required.

3. Much slicker.

4. 10H pencil hardness scale for marring resistance. Formerly 9H.

5. Deeper gloss and reflections.

All in all, it is a better product that will give excellent results. I'm more than happy to offer this product as my "top of the line" professional grade product.

If you would like a quote to have Crystal Serum Ultra applied to your vehicle, please contact me at:

(618) 983-9706



Not your average Detailer, not your average Detail.

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