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Ceramic Coatings - Does it matter how old my car is?

People often ask me if a vehicle can be ceramic coated if it is not new, and the answer is absolutely yes!

While an older vehicle may need more reconditioning prior to the application of the coating, any vehicle can benefit from the application of a ceramic coating.

When people inquire with me about these coatings, one of my first questions is often:

"How long do you plan on owning the vehicle?"

Regardless of the age of the vehicle. This will give is a better idea of how much reconditioning you may want to do before applying the coating, and also help you choose which coating product may be best for you.

I've found that while owners of vehicles that have a lot of miles on them tend to choose shorter duration coatings such as my two year coating package, the needs of the individual owner are so different that there is no "standard" for what is best for one person or another.

So, while having an extensive detail and ceramic coating done to an older vehicle is certainly a great benefit to the owner, an in person inspection or detailed phone discussion will be necessary to decide which coating package may be best for you.

-Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing


1518 Davis Ave, Johnston City, IL 62951

(618) 983-9706

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