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Ceramic Coatings - Do I need a "wheels off" coating package?

If you have a high end vehicle that you want serious protection on, "wheel off" coating packages may be for you.

In this process I remove the wheels(please note: this is not currently available for all vehicles), thoroughly decontaminate and clean them, then ceramic coat them, including the barrels (inside of the wheel) for ultimate protection.

ceramic coating wheels

But is this service for you? The cost is significantly higher for wheels off, it takes a lot of time to completely and safely remove each wheel, and the product cost for full wheel barrel coating is higher because there is so much more surface space.

It all boils down to personal preference, needs, and goals.

With wheels that have larger barrels that are very visible, this can be very helpful in helping keep down the amount of brake dust and dirt that is visible within the wheel.

It also helps protect those expensive wheels against corrosive brake dust, which can etch into wheels over time if it is not correctly cleaned and removed on a regular basis.

At Visual Pro Detailing, we try to always match our services to the needs of the client, and make sure that what we offer matches what would be of best interest to you.

While "wheels off" detailing and coating can provide some true benefits, it may not be a value for a daily driven vehicle without highly visible wheel barrels, therefor may be a unnecessary expense to add to your ceramic coating package.

Not sure? We would love to hear from you. Contact us at any time for a free in person inspection of your vehicle, and find out if wheel off detailing is right for you, and will benefit your vehicle in the long term.

-Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing

(618) 983-9706


1518 Davis Ave, Johnston City, IL 62951

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