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What is a Swirl Mark? How does it get there?

One of the most unsightly things you can see in your vehicle paint is when you look into it in direct sunlight and see swirl marks. Swirl marks are circular light scratches that ruin the gloss, slick look of your vehicle, and can drive you crazy if they bother you enough.

What can be done? Can they be removed? How to they get there?

Most swirl marks are caused by improper wash method, one of the following is usually the culprit:

Automatic car washes with brushes that "scrub" the paint, and leave plenty of swirl marks in the mean time.

Washing at home without grit guard inserts, using dirty wash media (mitts), using chamois instead of microfiber drying towels, or being too aggressive with your wash media or drying towels.

The good news is, these unsightly scratches can be removed. The paint correction process (also known as buffing by some) is the process of compounding and polishing the paint with machine polishers to remove imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, toweling marks, fading, and hazing.

Paint correction can be provided by many professional detailers. Most professional detailers will have plenty of before and after pictures to showcase the type of paint correction work they do, but it can also be somewhat expensive.

Be VERY cautious of anyone offering a "quick buff" on your vehicle. Paint correction is a very time and labor intensive process, and simply can NOT be done properly in just a few hours. If someone is offering a "quick buff" for $100 or something similar, they are likely going to make the condition of your paint significantly worse by adding buffing trails(also known as holograms) to your paint.

Ask for picture. Ask for a quote. Search your potential detailers' website and social media. Do your homework, it is simply the best way to protect yourself from bad detail work!

Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing, Johnston City, IL


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