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What does "Hydrophobic" mean, when describing Ceramic Coatings properties?

You may hear often when detailer's describe the benefits of ceramic coatings that they are "hydrophobic" or "ultra hydrophobic" this is common terminology that can often confuse those interested in these coatings simply because they are not familiar with it.

The word hydrophobic simply means to repel water. While the term may have a simple meaning, it could mean a lot to you when purchasing a coating.

One of the "coolest" effects of a ceramic coating is the visual appeal of how it sheds water from the surface of your vehicle, and this benefit can also help you gauge whether the vehicle is overly dirty, contaminated, or there is an issue with your coating.

Hydrophobic properties in ceramic coatings can be impeded by dirt, contaminants, and can even be lost over time, even though the coating is still protecting the surface.

While some people with ceramic coatings tend to worry if their vehicle is not as hydrophobic as it was when the coating was first applied, the reason for this is usually due to contamination. In most instances, a simply wash will bring the hydrophobic properties. In some situations, a clay bar or chemical decontamination may be needed.

At Visual Pro Detailing, we try to always make sure that our clients and prospective clients are aware of what the terminology we use means, and make sure that education and understanding of our services is 100% transparent.

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