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How much does a full detail cost?

How much does a detail cost? Great question! There are a huge amount of variables to consider.

First of all, be very cautious of any detailer that has a "set price" for all of the details that he or she offers. This often means that the focus of their business is volume, as in doing as many vehicle as possible in a set amount of time.

While this form of business may be useful for some individuals, most of my clients at Visual Pro Detailing are looking for a quality service that is focused spending the time needed to get an exemplary result.

This is why the question of how much does a full detail cost is such an important question.

The problem with the question however, is in the terminology, not the question itself.

Let me be very clear, there is NO INDUSTRY STANDARD for what the term "full detail" means. For the consumer this is very dangerous, because what you may consider a full detail, the detail shop you are purchasing the service from considers completely different.

This is why most professional detailers do not call their services a full detail, it means too many different things to too many different people.

The price of a thorough detail package can very greatly based on the condition of the vehicle, size of the vehicle, age of the vehicle, and the service being provided.

Important questions to ask your detailer, especially if they are calling the service they provide a "full detail":

Are you clay barring the car to remove contaminants?

Are you using any sort of iron deposit remover on the wheels and body to remove dangerous iron particles?

Are you using a wax, sealant, or silica based spray coating?

When you say you are "shampooing" the carpets, what does this mean? Are you using a professional grade extractor, a steam cleaner, or are you doing it by hand?

What sort of protectant are you putting on the interior of the vehicle? Is it petroleum based(meaning dangerous for the surfaces, causing them to peel and crack later on)?

How long will by detail take, and how many people will be working on it, and what are their qualifications?

Keep in mind, if the detailer does not, can not, or will not answer these questions, you may need to find a different detailer. Professional detailers are very transparent and up front about what they use and the process your vehicle will go through, and will be more than happy to explain how the products, equipment, and processes they use work.

Please watch my video below as I describe this topic in detail, and to answer your question, a thorough detail can range between:

$200 - $500 if NO paint correction is being done, and no protective nano coating is being applied.

Mark Barger, Owner of Visual Pro Detailing


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