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Pros and Cons of using a Home Based Detailer

As as discerning client, looking for a professional detailing service, what type of detailer would suite you best?

There is a big difference between a professional detailer that works out of a home based shop, and a detail shop that does a high volume of services.

At Visual Pro Detailing in Johnston City, Illinois, we are a home based shop environment. Some of the benefits of a home based shop are as follows:

1. Significantly more time spent on each appointment. While the time spent does directly correlate to the service you purchase, being home based means that a detailer does not have to try and complete a large quantity of details each day. That means more time for each vehicle and package.

2. You are likely hiring a professional detailer, versus a shop that have many lesser trained employees. This is significant, because non professionals will generally provide non professional results.

3. More highly specialized services. Most home based detailer's are not "jack of all trades". They mostly specialize in high level paint correction services, ceramic coatings, and other restorative type details. This is not always the case however, so make sure to speak to the detailer, ask plenty of questions, search their online reviews and social media accounts, and seek feedback from other clients who have purchased services from them.

Some of the cons of using a home based detailer, vs. a detail shop include the following:

1. Higher prices. Although home based detailers often have much lower overhead, they are doing all of the work them self, shoulder all of the expenses them self, and often provide much higher end services than detail shops.

2. Lesser availability. More volume from a detail shop means they get people in faster, and provide the service much faster. High demand professional detailer's can often be booked for weeks or months in advance. If you have an "emergency detailing need", such as a big spill or need a quick wash, a home based professional detailer may not meet your immediate need.

While at Visual Pro Detailing we strive to meet the needs of our clients and prospective clients, we recognize that the way that our business is set up may not always meet your needs.

Always research the company that you are planning on spending your hard earned money on, and more that that make sure the type of service that you need matches up with the type of detailer you are hiring.

Mark Barger, Owner Visual Pro Detailing

(618) 983-9706


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