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Why purchase a Ceramic Coating?

Why purchase a Ceramic Coating?

Mark Barger, Owner of Visual Pro Detailing

Ceramic Coatings are the new rage in car care and protection, but are they right for you?

What brand is best, what should I look for in a coating, what should I look for in a detailer that applies these coatings? By the end of this article, you should have a much better idea of:

  • What a ceramic coating is

  • How it works to protect your vehicle

  • What you should look for when looking for a detailer to apply a coating to your vehicle

At Visual Pro Detailing in Johnston City, IL, I want my clients, prospective clients, and those that are simply curious about coatings to be fully informed before making a buying decision.

A ceramic coating is a significant upfront investment in your vehicle that can pay off dividends later, but we have to make sure that the coating you purchase, the detailer you purchase it from, and the company that sells that coating is a good match for you.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a silica based product that bonds to the surface of your vehicle’s paint (and possible trim and wheels, depending on the coating product used), to create a strong, durable bond to protect your vehicle from environmental factors. While not an “invisible force field” that is impervious to damage, coatings provide substantial protective benefits to the vehicle.

How does a ceramic coating protect my vehicle?

Once properly applied by a professional or very experienced amateur, these coatings include some of the below benefits. Keep in mind, some coatings are better than others at specific protective properties, and some coatings last longer than others. These are important questions you should ask your detailer before setting up an appointment to have your vehicle coated.

Some of the benefits include:

  • No need to wax or seal the vehicle for the life of the coating. This can save you a significant amount of time or money over the life of your vehicle ownership, because this either expensive (if you are paying someone) or time consuming (if you are doing it yourself) task is not necessary on a coated vehicle.

  • Self-cleaning properties. Warning! This does not mean that the vehicle will clean itself. This is terminology used to describe the benefit that ceramic coatings bring when washing the car, that makes the dirt and contaminants much easier to remove. Ceramic coated vehicles are much easier to clean and maintain aesthetically than non-coated vehicles.

  • Protection against bug/bird etchings. Now a strong warning here, some coatings are better than others when it comes to protecting against these strongly acidic contaminants that can damage your vehicles paint. Make sure you consult your detailer and ask specifically about how his/her coating will protect you against this every day and potentially expensive hazard.

  • UV Protection, almost all ceramic coatings have a built in UV inhibitor that will keep your vehicle’s paint from “fading” over the life of the coating. With the paint on your vehicle being one of the most expensive facets of your ride, keeping it looking its best is not only aesthetically appealing, but important when factoring trade in or re-sale value at the end of your ownership.

  • Scratch resistance. While most professional grade coatings offer a “9H” hardness rating, there is The amount of scratch resistance a coating offers varies depending on the product being applied, so thoroughly inquire about this aspect before hiring a detailer.

What should I look for in a detailer when having a ceramic coating applied?

While experience in applying coatings correctly is very important, the most important traits you are looking for are transparency and honesty. Be very cautious of any detailer that attempts to “over-sell” the coating, and over inflates the protective abilities.

While these coatings do provide excellent protective qualities, they are not an invisible force field that protect your vehicle from any and all potential environmental hazards.

A truly professional detailer and ceramic coating installer will want you to make the best-informed decision possible, and make sure that you understand completely the benefits of the coating they offer before you purchase.

Also, be very wary of any detailer that “trash talks” competitors in his or her market. All detailers are at various levels in their business, and offer different levels of service. Bad mouthing competitors is a sign of an unprofessional individual who is more concerned with scaring you away from the other detailers than sharing with you the merits and benefits of his/her own services.

I sincerely hope this short article has been a benefit to you. In my business Visual Pro Detailing I have built my reputation on integrity over sales, and feel like education and relationships are more important than convincing someone to purchase a service that may not be right for them.

Mark Barger, Owner Visual Pro Detailing

1518 Davis Ave, Johnston City, IL

(618) 983-9706


Why Purchase a Ceramic Coating by Visual Pro Detailing

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