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What is the process for a Professional Detail and Ceramic Coating appointment?

A lot goes into a ceramic coating package. At Visual Pro detailing, we want you to be fully informed when choosing to purchase a ceramic coating package from us. Most average coating packages take:

1-2 days

10-25 total hours

Costs between $450 - $1200 (average)

Includes an exterior only detail, including a very thorough decontamination wash, a clay bar treatment(to clean the paint and make it smooth), one step of paint correction, and the coating of choice.

This is the average that goes into a ceramic coating. Other factors may affect what goes into a coating appointment, the cost, and the amount of work needed. Some of these factors include:

1. The condition of the vehicles paint. Some vehicles may need more paint correction and restoration work than is included in the ceramic coating package. This can increase the price of the coating package anywhere from $300 - $1000 depending on the size and amount of work needed.

2. If any interior detailing is needed. Do not assume that an interior is included in any detailer's coating package. Your detailer should be very specific as to what your selected package includes and does not include, but be sure to inquire whether or not the package you select includes an interior detail or not. If not, the price of the total service will likely be higher.

3. The type of coating being purchased. Some coatings are relatively straight forward and quick to apply, some require extensive amounts of cure time between coats(if multiple coats are required).

There is so much variance in pricing, products, and services that you should be sure to ask these important questions before scheduling a ceramic coating appointment.

Below this text I have linked a video that shows briefly some of the process that goes into my ceramic coating jobs at Visual Pro Detailing. While my processes may not represent all or even most detailer's, it should give you an idea of the work required to skillfully detail and apply a coating to your vehicle.

-Mark Barger

Owner, Visual Pro Detailing, Johnston City, IL 62951

(618) 983-9706


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