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For previously detailed or ceramic coated vehicles. Only available to past clients who we have served in the past.



The One Package

An excellent, thorough, and "as if it were my own" cleaning and protection package. This package does not include paint correction.




You need something outside "The One Package" ok, we dig it. Give us a call to discuss specific needs. We will need pictures or an inspection.



Wait, you only have one detail package? Why?

We find that outside of paint correction and ceramic coating jobs, this package takes care of *most* needs for the average driver, and allows us to provide excellent quality at the same time. It includes:

  • Our multi step wash, including wheels(including barrels, inside of wheel), tires, fender wells, bug removal, and tar removal.

  • Clay bar treatment to make your paint smooth, slick, and remove any bonded contaminants that cannot be seen visually.

  • 6 month silica based sealant. No cheap waxes here, we want to add protection that lasts.

  • Door jambs, trunk jambs cleaned.

  • Interior detail including thorough vacuum, cleaning of floor mats, light steam cleaning of interior (If your interior is *really* bad, we need to inspect and do a custom package for you), all hard surfaces cleaned with antibacterial cleaner, UV protectant, and 2x cleaned windows and glass.

This Package Starts* at $250, which would be for a small to mid sized sedan or sports car. 3rd row SUV's, Large trucks will be more.

While some detail shops will be done with your car in 1-3 hours, this is a 5 hour minimum package for us.

We do NOT race through the detail, while vehicles cannot always be made completely perfect, we make ridiculous efforts to bring quality far past what you would experience in a volume shop.

Call (618) 983-9706 or fill out the form below to schedule. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.